Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chocolate porridge!

All hail! All hail chocolate porridge! It changes lives. Well, it's changed my life.
You may be one of the lucky ones, someone who has children that sleep. But, for the rest of us (we're not bitter), this is a godsend.
No more sleep-deprived visits to the Pound Shop, looking for cheap bribes, no more sobbing on our knees, begging. Nope.
Instead as soon as the 5 and 3yo start to play up before bedtime (I know! Five and three! I was expecting three months of sleeplessness when I had a baby. Not a lifetime) we go in, big guns.
"If you go to bed now you can have chocolate porridge in the morning." And it works. They know they have to go straight to bed and not get up all night until it's light, and, praise be! It works! It is a promise with almost immediate fulfillment and it involves chocolate. Perfect.
Not only that, it's one of those promises that doesn't involve going out and buying stuff before the kids wake up in the morning (we've exhausted the tat from the local cornershop), as we've got all the ingredients at home. Porridge is their usual breakfast, and I've tried stirring Nutella into it, grating chocolate into it but the best results come from making porridge as you would normally and adding cocoa powder. I just make a solution of cocoa, cold milk and sugar, as you do when you make a hot chocolate, and then stir it into the porridge for a deeply chocolaty hit. Sometimes I put on sliced banana, sometimes chopped up pear, sometimes, ahem, sprinkles.
So, my eyes twinkle, my skin is clear and I don't snap at my children/husband (well, not much). The only thing is, the kids have had it everyday for a week. I foresee a future where I am well rested and my children are chocolaty. Hmm, it sounds pretty good.
So, what about you? Any surefire easy-to-make treats you'd care to share? Go on!


  1. This is FANTASTIC. I am currently spending HOURS every night explaining the working of the Gro Clock to the 2 year old, explaining the concept of rewards, and explaining the consequences of a sleep-deprived mummy. Does she listen? Does she hell. From now on, I am combining their morning cocoa and porridge into one easy mix. Utter brilliance!
    The easiest Shut Up treat in our house is pop-corn. And, natch, a dvd. Am guaranteed 30 mins of peace with that. Also, a v easy time-buying activity - a pack of Rich Tea (or similar) and a handful of coloured icing tubes. Whoever makes the best decoration gets to eat it...

    1. I think I need to invest in coloured icing tubes - what a great idea! And yes, the DVD, but we'd already rumbled those!

    2. I got ours in sainsbury's, couple of pounds for a set of 4. they last for ever. They're completely revolting, but sometimes you have to ask: what price peace??

  2. Mmmm this looks super yummy and strangely I was talking to a dietitian the other week who indeed recommended something milky with some carbohydrate to help little and bigger ones sleep :-)

    Long may it continue for you :-)

    1. Ah yes, but strangely the dietitian didn't mention chocolate? We actually give them the porridge in the morning, though, as an incentive.

    2. Yep chocolate did get discussed too and the good news is that it doesn't get the thumbs down at all :-) though not a complete diet of chocolate of course!!!

      *Cracks off a square of chocolate and enjoys ;-)*

  3. Oh my good god, this looks and sounds amazing. I now hold all the cards.

  4. You are a star again ! this is just what I need to ensure success when my 2 grandchildren( 4 & 7 yrs ) come for a sleepover for the first time without their Mum and Dad......

    Mary x

    1. So glad to be of service. I hope they enjoy!

  5. Incentives are the strongest parenting technique in our house too. The 7YO responds to Wii related bribes, but the mighty feisty 3YO is definitely reached through the power of food. Chocolate porridge definitely going on the menu here :-)

  6. If I introduced this to our mornings then my daughter would be getting up even earlier!

  7. This is absolutely amazeballs. Going to try it tomorrow to reel him in... (like the heroin dealer I will give him his first hit for free!!!) then wham, he's all mine!!! Mwah-hah-ha-haaaa!! He's 2 1/2 going on 13, just started to learn the art of procrastination at bedtime. BTW I also need to get this in my life for me!! Great recipe. X P.S Stop by and say hi at

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