Monday, 4 November 2013

Toasting in winter

This baby is a statement of intent. It means that this winter we're all about toasting. Toasting crumpets. Toasting marshmallows. Toasting small boys if they irritate me too much. Yep. Suddenly 5 months of grey, deadened skies seem quite appealing.
For (in case you were wondering) this is a toasting fork. With a devil type figure at the top of it, which is quite unsettling now I really look at it. Anyway. I bought it from a salvage yard at the weekend in the New Forest. We went there for a big family holiday, with my sis and her family, plus my mum and her husband. It was bliss.
Mainly because Lucy cooked pretty much every meal. We had slow roasted pork, melt in your mouth lamb, cheesecake to die for.
What did I do while she was slaving away? Ahem.
Sat on my bum.
Got a bit fatter.
It's all in preparation for winter, where I find I eat more and do less. I'm not the only one. Apparently (according to the Daily Mail, which I treat like an oracle) most people put on between 2-4 lbs over winter. Not because we eat more but because what we eat is denser in calories. That's because winter makes us a bit depressed so we comfort eat. Hence me stocking up on a toasting fork so we can eat marshmallows and crumpets. Anyone got any other ideas of what I can cook on a toasting fork? I'd love to have a whole indoor fire food repertoire!


  1. Muffins, scotch pancakes, sourdough bread, raisin bread, soda farls.

  2. Yum. My entire winter diet in a sentence. Thank you!

  3. Maybe some cold home made scones as well, especially cheese ones. I am in a scone baking frenzy now. I usually reheat my scones for a bit under the grill anyway before eating and buttering.

    1. OOh, that sounds like a good idea. Haven't made scones for ages, and I love cheesy ones. Thanks!


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